Welcome to Glums Game Studio! Glums Game Studio is the maker of the Swordtek Game Engine.

The Swordtek Game Engine is a 2D MMORPG game engine with source code consisting of C++, VB, and MMF.

Swordtek is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP with DirectX 9.0c or greater.

If you want to create a full online RPG in the least amount of time possible, the Swordtek Engine is your answer. It uses a programming language called JavaScript++ designed by Roger Poon for game scripting.

The Swordtek Game Engine features:

  • Beautiful, professionally-designed graphics. The Swordtek Game Engine's pre-rendered 3D graphics make your game look stunning while being able to run fast even on a Windows 98-era machine.

  • Custom graphics support. Import graphics directly from your hard drive to customize the look and feel of your game!

  • Multiplayer. The Swordtek Game Engine supports integrated multiplayer; you don't need to incorporate it yourself. Chat, travel, and battle together right out of the box!

  • Scripting System. Use the Swordtek Game Engine's powerful scripting system to do screen tinting, lens flares, and more.

  • Simple Editor Software. Easy to use editor software allows you to start making MMORPG games immediately. Just click and drag to lay down level tiles and custom graphics. Create and edit your own levels to include secret tunnels, hidden towns, legendary items, and more!

  • Server Software. With the included server software, you can easily kick users, ban by IP or username, send server messages, send private messages to users, and more.

  • Registration, Login, Player vs Player Combat (PvP). The Swordtek Game Engine handles all of the tedious foundational elements of an MMORPG for you including registration and login. Player vs Player (PvP) combat is also available right out of the box. Easily incorporate multiplayer battles into your game.

  • And much, much more! We promise, as Jina once said, it will not be an example of broken!

Full documentation, scripting command documentation, and step-by-step instructions on how to make your own MMORPG are included out of the box.

We provide the full source code for the Swordtek Game Engine for licensees.

The Swordtek MMORPG Engine is a whopping 8.27 MB of pure source code.

3 years worth of hard work, programming, and fixing bugs is now yours.

This gives you complete customization! Do you want to disable Player vs Player (PvP) combat? Do you want to change the gameplay style completely? Having the source code gives you unlimited possibilities!

If you are interested in licensing the Swordtek Game Engine, please contact us via our forums.

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